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All You Need To Know About Trade Finance

Oct 28, 2020 - 06:11 AM Author - Alex Pardin


Global trade and export financing markets are getting reviewed by trade finance since 1983. There can be various definitions to understand the suitable meaning of trade finance.

What is trade finance in simple words?

Axios Credit Bank Ltd. has described this term as both “Science” as well as “an impressive term.” It is a science because it manages the requirement of capital in a business for global trade. However, there are many tools within the science at the disposal of financiers, which determine the way cash flows, how the companies can utilize credit, investments, and others for international trade.

Example of the requirement of trade finance:

Every exporter wants an importer to prepay for the goods and services that he is going to ship. On the other hand, an importer seeks to reduce the risk of the non-shipment of products. He asks the exporter to document the shipped goods. And, then, here comes the role of credit bank, where Axios Credit Bank Ltd. plays its part. Importer’s bank helps the exporter by providing him with a letter of credit to give him the payment for a specific document of the shipped goods like a bill of lading.

If the exporter’s bank received the amount from the importer’s bank, it makes the loan on his basis. Bill of lading is the type of document of the shipment of the goods, used regarding these transactions. You must know that banks usually deal with documents, not with the actual goods. This is the way when Axios Credit Bank Ltd. performs its functions and helps the importer and exporter through its Trade finance services.

How Trade Finance helps buyers and sellers?


Trade finance comes into use when there is a requirement of financing to assist the buyers and sellers with a funding gap in the trade cycle. Buyers and sellers can also use trade finance solutions as a form of risk mitigation. Axios Credit Bank Ltd. is here to help the buyers and sellers for this purpose;

* The bank controls the usage of funds, control over the goods and services, and the repayment source

* It monitors and keeps visibility over the trade cycle through all transactions

* It secures the goods and other receivables

1. The exporter needs help with trade finance services: Trade banking services help in settling down the conflicts between exporter and importer. During international trade transactions, the exporter or seller wants to mitigate the risk of payment from the importer’s or buyer’s side. Thus, it will be in their benefit to accelerate the receivables.

2. An importer needs help with trade finance services: On the other hand, the importer wants to reduce the risk of supply or shipment of goods from the exporter’s side. It would be in their benefit to receive credit on their payment.

 3. The function of Trade Finance: Here comes the time when Axios Credit Bank Ltd performs its trade banking functions through trade finance. Trade finance acts as a third party for removing the risk of payments and the risk of shipment of goods. At such point, the bank provides help to both exporter and importer to accelerate receivables and to extend credit, respectively.

How is trade Finance gets processed in the Global market?

Trading banking intermediaries like banks and other financial institutions assist in different financial trade transactions between importer and exporter. Axios Credit Bank Ltd. is a bank that steps for financing the business transactions between importer and exporter. It facilitates trade financing solutions for both the transactions taking place nationally or globally. Trade finance has increased the considerable growth of international trade between countries.

Trade finance solutions constitute different types of financial activities like lending, letter of credit, forfeiting, factoring, and export credit and financing. Its processes include various parties like buyer, seller, export credit agencies, trade financiers, and insurers.

Facts to Know about Trade Finance

Trade finance services make export and import possible for different individuals and businesses. While making international trade transactions, exporters and importers fear the risk of payment and supply of goods. Axios Credit Bank Ltd. provides impressive trade banking solutions to mitigate all these risks. The following is the list of benefits offered by trade finance to importers and exporters.

Reduces the risk of payment: Axios Credit Bank Ltd. pays the value of shipped goods to the exporter on behalf of the importer after showing the documents of products. This is how trade finance reduces global payment risks.  Exporter’s bank receives payment from the importer’s bank and issues a loan of the particular amount to the exporter.

Reducing risk pressure on both exporter and importer: Importer and exporter both want to mitigate the risk of shipped goods and payments, respectively. The importer wants his goods first, and the exporter wants his payment first. So, Axios Credit Bank Ltd. acts as a trade financier between both and reduces the risk on both sides.

Different trade finance services: Axios Credit Bank Ltd. Offer several trade finance services as per the needs of various businesses and transactions they do. It provides services like a letter of credit and bank guarantee. Companies can use these two services for different types of transactions.

Factoring: Exporters commonly use this method to accelerate the cash flow for the goods they ship to an importer. In this method, he sells an open invoice to a trade financier at a discount. Here, Axios Credit Bank Ltd acts as that trade financier. And the bank makes him payment for his goods at a discount.

Forfeiting: In this method, an exporter sells his accounts receivables to a forfeited at a discount and gets cash from the forfeiture. Axios Credit Bank Ltd helps the exporter to collect all his debts by forfeiting. Thus, an exporter receives payments from the bank on behalf of the buyer for his goods.

Axios Credit Bank acts as a trade financier and assists the exporter and importer to mitigate their risk during international trade. It acts as a trade financier and provides various trade finance solutions to buyers and sellers. However, all these things are essential for you to know about to make trade transactions.