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Offshore Business Banking Services


Providing the effective and efficient offshore business banking services to the customers is one of the core strengths of Axios Credit Bank Ltd. We serves our customers with the excellent and resourceful offshore banking services to both big corporate & SME's


Offshore banking services are all about depositing the funds in a bank that is located outside the national residence of an individual or company. The main benefit that an offshore bank offers is exemption from paying tax. Other benefits include, convenient access to funds, highest service levels, international investment opportunities, secured capital, foreign exchange services benefits, great lending and credit facilities, and many more.

What we offers in Offshore Banking Services?


We offer many services like, accounts, payments, currency exchange, prepaid cards, visa debit cards, and online banking.


  • Accounts

    Axios Credit Bank Ltd offers personal account services to its customers. Personal account has a number of benefits as well as it guarantees the deposits. Our bank offers services such as same day wire transfers; world- class personalized banking services; collection of profitable investments programs, and many more.


  • Payment

    Axios Credit Bank Ltd offers convenience and ease in making payment for the goods and services to companies and merchants by providing online banking service, direct debit etc. Axios Credit Bank Ltd also offers services such as paying bills, currency exchange, traveler’s cheques, foreign notes and drafts, and many more.


  • Currency exchange services

    We offers travelers’ cheque and foreign notes and drafts services in order to provide convenience. One can buy travelers’ cheque in 5 main currencies at our branch. Our customers can avail our foreign exchange from anywhere in the world. We make sure that we provide maximum ease to our customers.


  • Visa debit card

    Credit card provided by our bank will allows you to make purchases with the help of visa debit card. Axios's visa debit card has no interest charges, no monthly bills, no credit bureau worries, no need to carry cash, and many more other advantages.


  • Prepaid cards

    We offers Axios's prepaid card services that permit our customers to use only the money that is loaded in, and helps in keeping track of their spending. These cards are widely accepted and offer ease and convenience. The cards offer additional services such as security, internationally accepted, foreign currency conversion, and online account access.


  • Online banking

    We provides online banking services in order to offer efficiency in carrying out financial transactions. In online banking facility we include account information services, bill payment services, security, fund transfer services, and offers 24 hours internet banking services to our customers.

Why Choose us For Offshore Business Banking Solutions?


We are a well regulated financial institution offering professional offshore business banking services to its customers. We help our customers in carrying out offshore banking transactions conveniently and easily. Our global presence offers convenience as our customers are not required to travel to our head office for paperwork or signing the documents. We believes in the well being of our customers and so provide 24 hours online offshore banking services to the customers with plenty of ease, reliability and convenience. The bank also offers timely customer services. Let us serve you with the best and top- rated offshore banking services.