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Offshore Business Banking Services At Axios


Providing effective, reliable, and efficient offshore business banking services to the customers is one of the core strengths of Axios Credit Bank Ltd. Our offshore banking services are particularly designed for both individual and corporate business account management. But what are these services? Let’s find in detail: 


What Are Offshore Banking Services?


Offshore banking services are all about depositing the funds in a bank that is situated in a place outside the national residence of an individual or company. In other words, the concept of offshore banking deals with depositing currency in a bank not located in the country you are currently residing in. There are several benefits you can get from offshore banking but the main one is getting an exemption from paying taxes.  

Benefits Of Offshore Banking Services Include:


1. Higher Interest Rates
2. Convenient Access To Funds
3. International Investment Opportunities
4. Access To Multiple Currencies 
5. Capital Security And Privacy
6. Foreign Exchange Services Benefits, Great Lending And Credit Facilities, And Many More. 


Our professional team of expert financial advisors conducts a thorough analysis of your business’s size, nature, and requirements depending on which we provide our both big corporate & SME customers with suitable, reliable, and resourceful offshore banking services. Apply for our safe and customized offshore business banking services to facilitate global trade and transactions. Axios Credit Bank Ltd brings you the most effective way to reduce risks by diversifying your assets such as bank collapse, unfavorable economic circumstances, inflation or currency manipulations, etc.


Types Of Offshore Banking Services Can You Apply For At Axios


We offer many offshore banking services like accounts, payments, currency exchange, prepaid cards, visa debit cards, and online banking.



Axios Credit Bank Ltd offers personal account services to all its customers. A personal account has several benefits such as Deposits and Withdrawal facilities, Term Deposits, International Credit and Debit Cards, and Offshore Online or E-Banking services, etc. In addition to this, you can also get the benefits of our other services such as Same-Day Wire Transfers; Top-notch Personalized Banking Services; Collection Of Profitable Investments Programs, and many more.


Axios Credit Bank Ltd ensures flexibility, convenience, and ease in releasing payment for the goods and services to companies and merchants by providing online banking service, and direct debit, etc. We also offer services such as paying bills, currency exchange, traveler’s cheques, foreign notes and drafts, and many more. 

Currency Exchange Services

We offer travelers’ cheques, foreign notes, and draft services to overcome the complexities of foreign exchange and bring convenience to global trade transactions. You can buy travelers’ cheques in 5 main currencies at our branch as well as our foreign exchange from anywhere in the world. We make sure that we provide maximum ease to our customers.

Visa debit card

Credit cards provided by us will allow you to make purchases without using or carrying cash. Axios's visa debit cards do not impose any interest charges, monthly bills, or credit bureau worries. You are not required to carry cash anymore. 

Prepaid cards

Our prepaid card services allow our customers to use only the limited amount of money that is loaded into the card so that the clients could track their spending. These cards are widely accepted and offer ease and convenience. You can also avail of the additional services of our prepaid cards such as security, international acceptance, foreign currency conversion, and online account access.

Online banking

Get a variety of online banking services to efficiently handle accounts. Our online banking facility includes account information services, bill payment services, security, fund transfer services, as well as 24 hours internet banking services for our customers.


Why Choose Axios For Offshore Business Banking Solutions?


We are a well-recognized and regulated financial institution offering professional, high-quality, and standardized offshore business banking services to all our customers. We help our clients carry out offshore banking transactions conveniently and easily. Our global presence eliminates the unnecessary struggle of visiting our head office for paperwork or signing the documents for our customers. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and therefore our online offshore banking services are available 24 hours to the customers with a significant amount of ease, reliability, and convenience. We are committed to providing timely, effective, and satisfactory customer services. Let us serve you with the best and top-rated offshore banking services.