Hassle-free Trade Finance Services To Make Global Business Transactions Easy

Trade Finance Services For Exporters & Importers Across The Globe

We at Axios Credit Bank Ltd are an ideal company to help all of you with handling your trade transactions efficiently. Along with it, we even address the financial needs of your trade business. International Trade finance services offered by us, cover a wide range of trade business banking services to exporters & importers worldwide. Our credit banking team ensures that you enjoy your business acceptance worldwide by getting into the international business community. We offer you an extensive range of trade finance services, Malaysia to meet Financial needs to run your business internationally.

Types of services we offer for International Trade  Finance

There are two types of transactions take place in international business trade. One we call as local purchases or import services and another we call as local sales or export services. Thus, based on these local purchase and sale transactions, we provide business trade services for both import and export business worldwide and help customers with unlocked business capital to make their global business transaction smooth and secure.

Services that make your trade finance smooth

There is an extensive list of solutions provided by us for import and export services. Check out the list below:

1. Letter of Credit
2. Trust Receipt
3. Bankers’ Guarantee
4. Bankers Acceptance
5. Shipping Guarantee
6. Documentary Collection
7. Bilateral Payment Arrangement
8. Acceptance Letter of Credit
9. Foreign Currency Trade Loan
10. Bills of exchange Purchased

Letter of Credit: We issue this instrument to your suppliers ensuring for guaranteed payment. After meeting all the requirements of LC, your supplier can collect payment from us. The requirement of LC is when the supplier shipped the goods and delivers documents to us. In the case of exports, we will give you instant cash in exchange for trade invoices. 

Trust Receipt: This instrument is a kind of financing your purchases or imports. In this service, we pay 100% value of the goods to your suppliers, so that you get your products on time. It is one of the best trade finance Services Malaysia offered by us. 

Bankers’ Acceptance: We, at Axios Credit Bank Ltd, provide Trade Banking Services in Malaysia for importers and local purchases so that you can take goods delivery fast. 

Foreign Currency Trade Loan: For international trade banking service transactions, we provide foreign currency finance to our customers at flexible rates of financing. It is the best import and export trade finance solution. 

Shipping Guarantee: On behalf of our customers, we take shipping guarantee so that you take delivery of goods before arriving original documents of transport. 

Bankers’ Guarantee: You can use Bankers’ Guarantee as an alternative to make cash deposits when you need a guarantee of payment to business in another country. We also give you a payment guarantee on behalf of your customers in the case of exports. 

Documentary Collection: This instrument lets you make all trade documents through a bank. We assist in converting and making all trade documents into finance. 

Bilateral Payment Arrangement: Axios Credit Bank Ltd, Malaysia has introduced this solution. This instrument guarantees to settle down financial claims that arise from import and export of goods.

Acceptance Letter of Credit: We provide you with trade financing in foreign currency to pay for imported goods. It is the best Finance Solution in Malaysia. 

Bills of Exchange Purchased: We will give you immediate cash payment after you present sales or export documents in front of us.

Trade finance solutions for import & export 

We are a global finance institute, where we provide business trade financing services and solutions to our customers for meeting trade financing needs. 

Trade finance solutions, Malaysia provided by Axios Credit Bank Ltd are excellent and are very beneficial in reducing the payment risks associated with international trade transactions. We ensures that their customers carry out their trade transactions in a very advantageous and productive manner.

We offer both import and export finance for making smooth international trade finance transactions. If you are looking for trade finance solution in Malaysia, contact us soon to avail Finance Solution Malaysia.