Trade Finance

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Efficient and effective running of your international trade is our cup of tea verbatim. Axios Credit Bank Ltd is a leading financial institution offering excellent and superlative trade finance services to its valuable customers. Axios Credit Bank Ltd focuses on the easy, effective, and efficient working of your international trade transactions.

Trade finance is all about the financial services for financing the transactions of trade. Here, the trade can be either domestic or international. Axios Credit Bank Ltd is an intermediary facilitating these trade transactions by financing the trade.  

What we offers in our Trade Finance Services?

  • Bank Guarantee/ Standby letter of credit

    We at Axios Credit Bank Ltd offer best bank guarantee/ standby letter of credit and documentary credit services to our customers. A standby letter of credit or a bank guarantee is just a form of written guarantee from a bank on behalf of their customer. A standby letter of credit is very beneficial in case where the bank’s client is not able to make the payment as here, the bank promises the beneficiary to fulfill the payment. A bank guarantee is very beneficial in knowing repayment abilities and credit quality. But the bank makes the payment only when the exporter proves that the payment has not yet been made. Axios Credit Bank Ltd is having abundance of expertise in offering preeminent standby letter of credit services.
  • Commercial Letter of credit

    Axios Credit Bank Ltd also provides doumentary credit services. A documentary credit or a letter of credit is a very common and most popular trade finance mechanism used for financing the trade transactions. A letter of credit provides a payment guarantee to the exporter of goods. Just like a standby letter of credit, it is also in a form of written promise. It is also known as a commercial letter of credit and standard letter of credit. 

How we help you in your International Trade Transactions?

Trade finance solutions provided by Axios Credit Bank Ltd are excellent and are very beneficial in reducing the payment risks associated with the international trade. Axios Credit Bank Ltd ensures that their customers carry out their trade transactions in a very advantageous and productive manner. Axios Credit Bank Ltd offers its customers with the customer- friendly services.

If you are looking for the efficient trade finance services, feel free to contact us.