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Offshore Banking Accounts

Opening a personal offshore account with Axios Credit Bank provides you with a number of other advantages. For example:
  • Easy access to international bank accounts 
  • Same-day wire transfers
  • Execute business transactions in multiple currencies 
  • Fast, easy, and flexible international payments 
  • Favorable transaction fees
  • Accepts debit/credit cards as well as checkbooks in your personal name
  • Access to high top-quality personalized banking service,
  • A selection of profitable investment programs etc.
 Apply for our offshore banking services now. 

Why Axios Credit Bank?
Well-regulated bank

The bank operates in strict compliance with all relevant Banking regulations

Standard Multi-Currency Accounts

Funds credit the account in the same currency they were sent.

Basic pricing
  • Account opening
  • Within 1 days
  • Account maintenance
  • 15 $/month
  • Standard transfer fee
  • 40 $

Our clients receive personalized service

Personal service

Each account holder has a Private Banker that deals with all your banking matters

Professional Services

Client services and technologically advanced Online Banking in English

International payment cards

VISA and MasterCard are available in EUR, SGD and USD.

Benefits for our clients Payment cards

Our cards are accepted in 210 countries and territories worldwide. Each account holder has a Private Banker that deals Accessing your funds has never been easier or more secure.

Opening an account with us is very easy. Thanks to our worldwide presence, you are no longer required to visit our Head Office for documentation. Follow these steps:

  • Select Axios and provide us with the personal identity information.
  • Apply for your account by answering our detailed business questionnaire
  • Sign all the documents and attend in case if a meeting is required to complete the process
  • Our wide range of banking services are ready for you.


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