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International Currency Exchange Services

We are not just an international banking institution, but a financial institution that understands your requirements and lives up to your expectations. At Axios Credit Bank Ltd, we unveil to you a plethora of international currency exchange services. These are:

Foreign Drafts & Notes Exchange

You can buy/sell foreign notes and drafts in various currencies conveniently and confidently with the bank’s world-class foreign exchange standard.

To be drawn in the favor of the beneficiary, Foreign Currency demand Drafts help the beneficiary to receive the funds when they bank the draft into their account abroad. In addition to this, you can also buy or sell foreign notes and drafts in various currencies with the bank at an international foreign exchange standard. All these things could be executed in the most efficient and confinement manner possible.

Traveler's Cheques (TCs)

You can buy travelers’ cheques in 5 main currencies at our branch. Travelers' cheques are perfect alternatives for your travel worldwide as they are more convenient and safer than carrying cash.

Do not bother about money while traveling, as we are there for you. You can avail our foreign currency exchange from anywhere at any point in time.

When you hold our hand, we make sure that our foreign money exchange service goes beyond borders to ensure you do not face any cash crunch. We take it as our responsibility to make your trip easier so that you reach your international destination with ample cash in your wallet.

We offer you Travelers’ Cheques service in 5 main currencies at our branch. You can buy travelers’ cheques in any of these 5 main currencies. These TCs are perfect alternatives to cash, as it is not only convenient but also safe enough to carry when traveling overseas.

Unlike cash, if by any chance you lose your TCs or it gets stolen then you can replace it within 24 hours. Undoubtedly, this makes Traveller’s Cheques one of the safest as well as the most secure form of currency when traveling abroad. Apart from this, it also helps you with your budget and managing your travel expenses overseas. These are recognized all over the world and can be exchanged easily at varied locations, such as travel service locations, banks, currency exchanges.

Why Choose Foreign Currency Exchange Service at Axios?

Here, Foreign Currency is issued to all those customers, who are traveling to the foreign country. Most of the people who travel abroad have multiple reasons, such as business, leisure, education and many other valid reasons. We  understand all these issues and offer our best help to all customers.

We give you innumerable benefits when you select our service. That is why we are considered one of the best currency exchange service providers . Hereby, some of the major reasons for choosing us have been highlighted:

  • We offer our customers timely service.
  • We unfold to you one of the best Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Our swift service ensures that you receive cash as fast as possible.
  • You can utilize our different services, such as Foreign Notes and Drafts, Traveler's Cheques
  • Our TC's can be exchanged in any of the major 5 currencies.

If you are looking for foreign exchange service or you travel frequently abroad, then you must opt for Axios Credit Bank. We provide you with customer-friendly services. Contact us now!

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