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International Prepaid Visa Cards

Many needs. One Card!

The Axios Prepaid Re-loadable Visa*1 is a card that lets you spend only the money you load on it and keep track of your spending. Use it anywhere Visa is accepted – at stores, internationally and online. It's convenient, easy and FREE** to reload.

Features & Programs

Reloads are fast, easy and FREE**

Use Axios's Online or Mobile Banking to transfer funds from your Axios Credit Bank account to your Prepaid Re-loadable Visa card.

Funds are available immediately. - or - Set “Axios Bank Prepaid Visa” as a bill payee at most financial institutions and reload by making a payment.

Funds are available within 2 to 4 business days.

No credit check, no application, no interest charges A credit-free way to access the benefits of a Visa card.

Worldwide acceptance:

 Shop at millions of merchants worldwide including retail stores and online, wherever the Visa symbol is displayed.

Online Account Access

 Track your spending and card balance online or with a smartphone for free. Receive balance, purchase and load notification emails (optional). Purchase Protection All the purchases you make with your card are protected by Visa’s Zero Liability protection.


Enjoy the safety of having your money stored on a Visa card without having to carry cash or deal with change. Spending Limits Set your own spending limit by the amount you load on the card. All for an annual fee of only $30.

Purchase Fee

$10 purchase fee will be deducted from your first value load. Your new Card will be active and ready to load within 3 business days from issuance.

Annual Fee

$10 annual card fee will be deducted from your Card balance on an annual basis beginning the first anniversary of the activation date.

Card Closure Fee

$10 fee charged for closing the Card and returning the remaining Card balance to the Cardholder. Card closure will occur 30 days from the request to allow for the clearing of outstanding transactions. If there is a balance on the account, a cheque will be mailed to you.

Card Replacement Fee

$10 fee to replace a Card (including lost, stolen or damaged Cards).

Inactivity Fee

$3.50 deducted from your card balance each month after 36 months of card inactivity until the balance is reduced to zero.

Foreign Currency Conversion

Purchases made in a foreign currency will be deducted from your Card in the amount converted to US dollars based on an exchange rate determined by Visa Inc. on our behalf, on the date that the transaction is settled with Visa Inc. The exchange rate includes an additional 2.5% of the converted amount.

For initial load - minimum $10; maximum $1000

Maximum Load

For reloads - minimum $1; maximum $1000 per transaction/per day, and $4000 per 30 days.

Maximum Balance & Purchase Amount


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