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Offshore Debit Cards | Business VISA Debit Card

Make purchases using Axios Visa Debit card

With your Axios Visa Debit card you can use it to make purchases at stores in Thailand and in 210 countries worldwide displaying the VISA sign.

You can also make secure online purchases using your Axios Visa Debit card with Axios iPay which provides an extra level of security by using a password inquiry system – reducing the risk of someone fraudulently using your card to make online purchases.

Plus, you will receive a number of exclusive privileges and special discounts at participating restaurants and merchants nationwide.

Quick and easy withdrawal

Your Axios Visa Debit card can be used just like an ATM card. You can withdraw cash from any ATM anywhere in the world where you see the PLUS or VISA logo.

Benefits of a Axios Visa Debit card

  • No interest charges
  • No Monthly bills – Money is deducted from your account immediately after the transaction is made.
  • No credit bureau worries
  • No need to carry cash
  • Accepted worldwide where you see the VISA sign
  • Secure online payments using Axios iPay
  • Card protection – If your debit Axios card is lost or stolen you can call Axios Credit Bank's Phone +65 6808 7736 to cancel your card immediately.
  • More privileges when spending – Receive special benefits and privileges
  • Effective spending management – View your detailed spending records via Axios Online Banking

Now enjoy using your money with Visa Debit Card.


Axios Credit Bank Malaysia makes your purchases effortless with Axios Visa Debit card.

You can use our Axios Visa Debit card at stores not only located in Malaysia but in 210 other countries worldwide including Thailand that displays the VISA sign.

Interestingly, you can ensure the security of your online purchases by using Axios Visa Debit card with Axios iPay. This provides an extra level of safety and security to the online payment via Visa debit card, as it uses a password inquiry system. This minimizes the risk of your card getting used for online purchase by a fraudulent user.  In addition to this, you will also receive multiple exclusive privileges and special discounts while using this card at any restaurants and merchants all over in Malaysia.

How does our Axios Visa Debit Card work?


Linked to the funds available in your account, a Visa debit card issued by Axios bank helps you withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide displaying the Visa logo.

Advantages of Using Axios Visa Debit Card


Using a visa debit card is quite profitable. There are many benefits of this card, especially when you buy it from Axios Credit Bank Malaysia. Here some of the important ones have been discussed:

Quick and easy withdrawal of Cash


Axios Visa Debit card can be used like an ATM card. This means when you have cash crunch or you want to withdraw a particular amount of money, then you can withdraw the cash from any of the ATM located anywhere in the world, which displays the PLUS or VISA logo.

Making Payments become easier


You can easily make payments using a Visa debit card issued from here. For instance when you make purchases from any shop, then that particular amount gets directly deducted from your checking account. You also remain protected from fraudulent charges with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.

Why choose Axios Visa Debit Card?


  • When you choose our Axios Visa Debit Card, you can avail the following benefits:
  • You are free from interest charges
  • You do not need to pay any Monthly bills. This means from your account no money will be deducted immediately after the transaction. 


  • You are free from the stress of credit bureau worries.


  • You no more require carrying cash everywhere.


  • Our Axios Visa Debit Card is accepted all over the world where the VISA sign is highlighted.
  • You can use Axios iPay and make your online payment more secure.


  • You can also enjoy more privileges when making payments from your Axios Debit Card, such as receiving special benefits or cash back, etc.


  • You can easily view your detailed spending records with the help of your detailed spending records. This makes you manage your spending in an effective manner.
  • You do not need to bother about the loss of Debit Axios card. Even if gets stolen, you can immediately cancel your card by calling at Axios Credit Bank phone number +65 6808 7736. This way your card remains protected.
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