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VISA Debit Card
Make purchases using Axios Visa Debit card

With your Axios Visa Debit card you can use it to make purchases at stores in Thailand and in 210 countries worldwide displaying the VISA sign.

You can also make secure online purchases using your Axios Visa Debit card with Axios iPay which provides an extra level of security by using a password inquiry system – reducing the risk of someone fraudulently using your card to make online purchases.

Plus, you will receive a number of exclusive privileges and special discounts at participating restaurants and merchants nationwide.

Quick and easy withdrawal

Your Axios Visa Debit card can be used just like an ATM card. You can withdraw cash from any ATM anywhere in the world where you see the PLUS or VISA logo.

Benefits of a Axios Visa Debit card
  • No interest charges
  • No Monthly bills – Money is deducted from your account immediately after the transaction is made.
  • No credit bureau worries
  • No need to carry cash
  • Accepted worldwide where you see the VISA sign
  • Secure online payments using Axios iPay
  • Card protection – If your debit Axios card is lost or stolen you can call Axios Credit Bank's Phone +65 6808 7736 to cancel your card immediately.
  • More privileges when spending – Receive special benefits and privileges
  • Effective spending management – View your detailed spending records via Axios Online Banking
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