The business banking occurs when a specific division of a bank deals only with businesses and not with individuals. We at Axios specialized in providing all kind of business banking services to both large and small corporates. 

Business banking is all about a company’s financial agreements with banks or financial institution in order to avail services like trade services, transferring funds, business accounts, business card solutions, and many more.


Commercial/ Business Banking Partner to Grow


We are a leading international financial institution offering superlative banking services to businesses present globally with vast industry expertise and significant experiences. 


  • Trade services

    The trade services provided by us include import finance services, export services, and all the other related services.

    Import services: We help our customers in every import process by providing with the short- term credit, arranging for buyer’s credit, import bill collection services, and importer’s letter of credit.

    Export services: We help our customer in every export procedure too by arranging payments for the raw materials and filling the gap in finance by insuring the shipment.
  • Other related services: Besides these integrated trade services, We also provide other trade related services such as revolving guarantees.
  • Fund transferring

    Axios Credit Bank Ltd offers excellent and engaging fund transferring services and helps in transferring the funds internationally through SWIFT easily and conveniently anytime with special charges. The bank also enables depositing or receiving of funds through SWIFT. Our authorized local representatives assist in the transfer of funds.
  • Business accounts

    One can apply for our business accounts facilities if they have medium sized business with owners (shareholders) or partners, and at least two directors. We offer private banking and current account facilities and also enables you to make maximum amount of money from the amount kept in their bank account through private banking. Our private banking covers privacy, high investment returns, discounted services, and tax management.

    We also provides joint account facilities on behalf of various intermediaries. The account facilitates high speed payments, high class banking services around the globe, and many more benefits.
  • Business card solution

    Axios Credit Bank Ltd offers business debit card services to its customers. One can apply for a business debit card if they hold a current account or private banking account.



Why choose Axios For Business Banking Services?



We offer many top rated facilities to its customers like easy communication, multi- currency accounts as standard, instant payment remittance, client service and internet bank interface in English, highly responsive and efficient account management, and many more. Axios Credit Bank Ltd truly believes in the well being of its clients as well as mutual growth. We serve the customers around the clock and this is the reason why our bank is highly reputed as a reliable bank in the market. So if you are looking for an excellent business banking services provider, then discuss your banking need with one of our business finance experts.