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Are escrow solutions right for your small business?

Oct 28, 2020 - 06:04 AM Author - Alex Pardin


When we start our new business on a small scale then the guarantee of payments becomes very complex. Even the client won’t agree to pay up-front. There is no guarantee that the service or product will be delivered. In a case where the client has paid in advance; there is no guarantee that he will be satisfied with the good or services provided.

Escrow solutions provide a great backing to the up-front payments and deposits in full. But escrow services might not be perfect for every business. They are mainly for online transactions, and they work excellently for some types of business.

When it comes to small businesses then escrow services are just perfect and right.

Escrow services are designed for the security and privacy of the transacting parties. Escrow services act as an assistant where complicated transactions are involved such as acquiring company, buying or selling property, etc. Small business owners need escrow solutions for the security and safety of transactions of both the parties involved.

To help you in this regard, We are here to offer you the best & affordable international escrow services for your small and medium size businesses.

Escrow services for small business

For small businesses, escrow services are beneficial in the following reasons:Online property transactions and transfers : Escrow services basically act as an impartial third party. They are important where big amounts are involved such as in case of buying or selling property. Business is probably dealing with the person you have never met or seen; here, privacy and security becomes the priority and escrow solutions are always needed.

Property transactions : Help of escrow services are always needed in case of buying property or other assets such as vehicle, machinery, production-equipment, non-mortgaged property. Any transaction that involves a large amount of money or transfer of ownership will include many complex processes; that’s where escrow services are needed the most. It is important to have cash deposits in hand. Escrow solutions act as a seal on all the documents related with transactions.

Mortgage : For personal and commercial mortgage, down payment and closing fees, escrow plays an essential role. Purchasing and selling of real estate is very complicated, and in such cases, escrow offers certain guarantees and assurance to both the transacting parties. This could be on an attorney, a bank, or a title company. In such cases, a good escrow agent is needed. An escrow agent manages and controls the transactions and looks if all the conditions of the transactions are fulfilled.

How it functions

With an escrow solution, the customer funds an account with the money that is held up to the customer agrees that the task has been done. Buyers get an “inspection period” and in this period the buyers can report any problem with the service or the goods, if any. And if nothing happens then the funds get released to the provider. This procedure works for the safety and security of both the parties.

Products vs. services

Escrow services are suitable to the businesses offering products because the delivery of the products can be easily proven as they are tangible. And that’s how a business can confirm the shipment of products and use them as evidence. The seller is still authorized to reject the production and in such a case, the decision is made by professional arbitrators. If a business deals with the buying and selling of expensive items such as cars or costly clothing then the damage can be proven with the help of images.While on the other hand the service providers may come in contact with great challenges when it comes to showing the proof. For example, website design, or air conditioning services. But however, the service- based businesses can also use escrow services but deposits would be a better option.


Over the years, escrow services have become a lot popular. So the businesses can have protected transactions and customers can have a bit more security and confidence while carrying out the transactions.

If a business is having technology resources, they can have it built directly into their sites. If you are continuously carrying out transactions that may get benefit from a third party service then escrow services are worth going for.

Escrow services are always needed for business whether it is small or large. Probably every business needs escrow solutions at some point in future.So yes, escrow services are right for small businesses.