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How to Grow And Revive A Struggling Business

Jan 05, 2023 - 12:14 PM Author - Axios Credit Bank


The mindset you have plays a crucial role in overcoming business failure. It starts with a willingness to adapt and a flexible, upbeat attitude. Whether or not failure inevitably leads to success depends on how we handle it.

People tend to strike the most evident immediate issues with vigour and unreservedness. That makes sense and may even be wise from a business perspective. It is also a good idea to take a step back and consider the big picture to determine what is still effective and what may need to change. It is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the size and scope of current issues and your company's business model, including how its weaknesses and strengths are implemented.

Working capital financing from an external source is referred to as trade finance. Companies that export or import goods frequently use this type of short-term credit. Trade finance instruments are put to use here.

It is typically supported by an insurance policy or secured against goods.

What Are The Instruments of Trade Finance?

Supplier Financing

Your brand or retail business is expanding, consumer demand for your goods rises quickly, and exhausted inventory levels are expected shortly.

Despite how well you have grown, you need more cash to place the orders required to meet demand. Your international suppliers require payment before shipment, which increases the financial burden.

A bank loan or Letter of credit might not be available to you, or the amount you receive might need to be more. By offering you and your downstream and upstream partners solutions, trade finance companies can offer a considerably higher export and import finance facility, enabling you to optimize your working capital. 

Finance for Exports

New retail channels face fierce competition. Although the demand for your product is high, it fluctuates throughout the year, forcing your retailers to lower prices when business is slow, which reduces their profits.

Knowing this, your company purchases a post-shipment financing facility. You can use the facility to extend payment terms to your top retailers. By doing this, your business is able to keep liquidity while giving your retailers a bigger window of opportunity to make sales and profit.


International trade finance manages the entire transaction and offers predictability in currency expenses because your suppliers and retailers are spread across more nations than ever. This holds whether trading occurs between just two currencies or various currencies on various continents. Trade Finance Service provide trade finance facilities in several different currencies, removing all currency exchange risks upfront. Working with a trade finance company gives your company access to the international market and more speed and flexibility.

Finance for Inventory

As a wholesaler, your company might experience yearly sales growth. Your longer payment terms for your retailers are partly responsible for your expansion. It is getting harder to fulfil new orders, though, as a result of these conditions stretching your cash reserves.

Since you want to avoid running the risk of your retailers looking for new suppliers, shortening your payment terms is not an option. Import and export finance companies can set up financing against the standing inventory if they sell products with a sizable and liquid market. You can start receiving regular replenishments of working capital through inventory financing, allowing your company to maintain its growth.

Other Ways to Revive A Struggling Business 

1. Figuring Out The Reasons The Business Failed

The first step is the most important because you need to know the specific cause of the business's failure. However, look beyond that because issues with the business strategy will always lead to financial issues that will force the company into administration, if not a complete closure.

2. You Need to Make More Sales

Determine how much of your product you are selling as a first step. Many analytics tools are available to help online retailers figure this out, or they can get assistance from their customer service department. Finding out why you need to sell more is the next step if it turns out that you do. Is your marketing strategy stale? Do you require more website visitors?

Sending targeted emails and posting on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will help you let people know what is in store for them if you discover that you are going to sell less because customers need to be made aware of your products. On the other hand, if they choose not to purchase due to high prices, think of lowering it. 

3. Understand Your Daily Expenses

Even the most successful businesses may experience problems if there is insufficient money to pay for ongoing expenses like rent and salaries. See how to assess cash in your business for more information on knowing the bare minimum your company needs to operate and ensuring you stay within it.

4. Maintain Accurate Accounting Records

If your financial statements are not kept up to date, you risk losing money by failing to monitor past-due payments from customers or remembering when you need to pay suppliers. Using a good record-keeping system, you can apply for additional funding, keep track of your debts and creditors, and save time and money on accounting fees.

5. Fulfil Tax Deadlines

Unless payment and filing deadlines are missed, tax penalties and interest might be imposed. Planning can help you avoid these unnecessary expenses. Maintaining accurate records helps your business save time and money while assuring you that you are only paying the required amount of tax.


The life-giving element for business expansion is capital. Businesses that need more funding are able to grow and allow rivals to steal market share.

Seek the advantages trade finance can offer your business if it needs money to boost production, increase inventory levels, or lengthen payment terms. Global Trade finance, which accounts for between 80 and 90 per cent of all trade transactions, is what keeps the modern world economy expanding.