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Trade Ledger is gearing up to introduce a beta initiative for its AI-powered working capital solution

Oct 16, 2023 - 09:26 AM Author - Axios Credit Bank


Ledger is preparing to roll out a beta initiative for their AI-driven Working Capital solution, and they are currently accepting applications from banks interested in participating. This solution, built on Trade Ledger's data platform and implemented in partnership with Accenture, offers banks a generative AI interface for managing complex business finance. The beta program is open to banks seeking to expand their lending portfolio for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Mastercard has joined forces with Bizom to collaborate on supply chain financing within India

In India, Mastercard has collaborated with Bizom, a retail intelligence platform, to deliver a comprehensive digital supply chain financing solution to micro retailers and distributors. Working Capital is pretty easy to get. This partnership is aimed at addressing the challenges faced by small retailers and distributors in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, such as supply chain disruptions, payment issues, limited technical skills, and a lack of access to capital.

In another recent development, Mastercard has partnered with the Indian supply chain finance platform KredX in September, with the goal of streamlining B2B digital payments. This partnership involves the integration of Mastercard's commercial card service with KredX's platform.

Australia Considers Regulation of Digital Payment Services

The Australian government is contemplating the regulation of digital payment services, including digital wallet providers. This initiative is in response to the widespread use of unregulated digital payment services and is designed to protect consumers, promote competition, and stimulate innovation, as announced by Treasurer Jim Chalmers on Wednesday, October 11.

Australia Considers Regulation of Digital Payment Services

Some consumers may require incentives like rewards and discounts to embrace biometric logins. Biometric authentication, which employs unique physical or behavioral characteristics for identity verification, has gained popularity in recent years. While offering incentives can be effective, it is essential to weigh associated costs. International trade is preferred by a lot of people. As an alternative strategy, increasing the adoption of biometric authentication among merchants is crucial. According to a survey, two-thirds of consumers already using biometrics for online shopping would use it more frequently if more merchants supported this form of authentication, underscoring the importance of extending its availability across various platforms.