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Crisis Management – Strategies to Keep Business Afloat

Sep 08, 2023 - 09:18 AM Author - Axios Credit Bank


In this world, if talking about disasters then they are a fact of life. Does not matter, it is a global epidemic, a financial downturn, an interruption in the supply chain, or anything else out of the normal, companies need to be equipped to ride out the storm. Services dealing in trade finance include the bank guarantee and letter of credit, are the best tools for disaster management. They can help businesses get through rough times while maintaining their operations going.

Getting a handle on why crisis management is important

If it comes to crisis management then it is a system of getting ready, responding to, and bouncing back from a disaster or emergency that affects the business operations, image, or more. It is impossible to exactly understand what will happen in every condition, companies can manage different kinds of issues well.

How Trade Finance Services Help?

Trade finance services contain a broad variety of fiscal tools and goods that are planned to make it easy for companies to deal worldwide. Bank guarantee and letter of credit are two important tools in this system.

1. A Letter of Credit (LC)

LC is a piece of paper that gives the seller's bank a guarantee that the buyer will pay. It confirms that the seller would get paid once they meet the LC terms. It can be helpful in a crisis for companies that wish to keep their supply lines and confirm that goods and services are transported.

In this case, the buyer can send a letter of credit (LC), which guarantees payment if the raw materials are delivered. This gives the supplier trust and makes it easier for the buyer to get the important materials required for production.

2. Bank Promise

Another important part of trade finance services is bank security. It is an assurance from the bank to pay the amount to a payee once a party to an agreement does not do what it is supposed to. Assurances from banks are normally used when one party wants to know that the other will keep their potential, though there is an issue.

Thus, a construction business that wants to do a job in a foreign country may request its contractor for a bank guarantee services. This guarantee makes sure that if the contractor runs into problems they didn't expect during the crisis that stop them from finishing the project, the lending institution will step in to make up for any losses the building company has to pay because of the problems. Because of this extra protection, businesses can move forward with projects which may have been unsafe during a crisis.

Utilizing Trade Finance Services to deal with a crisis

Now that we have talked about the role of International Trade finance services in managing crises, let us talk about specific things businesses can do to keep going when times are tough.

1. Adding variety to the supply chain

Expanding the line of your supply is one of the best methods to handle a crisis. In case you very much depend on just one supplier, mainly if it is in an area where issues happen frequently, your company is at risk. By connecting with suppliers from various parts of the world along with trade finance services like LCs and bank assurances, you can keep your supply chain varied and better able to handle problems.

2. Make sure you have good banking relationships.

In times of crisis, it is especially important to have strong ties with your banking partners. When you need help the most, banks that know your company and its trade financing requirements are prone to help you out. This includes getting LCs out faster, taking care of bank promises, and giving you personalized financial advice.

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3. Keep the money coming in

In a disaster, cash flow is very important. Trade finance services could assist you keep track of your money better.

4. Take stock and change

Assess your business's risks and how to handle a disaster on a regular basis. Think about how your operations might be affected by the changing fiscal landscape, marketplace dynamics, and geopolitical issues. Be ready to change your method to trade finance to deal with new risks that may come up.

Crisis management is an important part of having a company that does well. Though, it is tough to recognize how or when a situation will happen, companies can prepare for them so that they can manage them effectively. Trade finance services, like the letter of credit alongside bank guarantee, are effective instruments that can be an important part of these tactics.